Dark Elf - Fairest/Darkling


Dark elf – looks like she could be around her early 20’s. She has long dark blue hair in a Mohawk like style with braids. Triel has red eyes, with tribal markings all over her body and dark skin that blends in with the night. She has high physical traits and striking looks upon her. The clothes upon her are simple leather and shoulder piece that add in for some extra protection and high boots and a spear that can extend upon force that looks like a large hunting knife carried down her spine. Triel is 5’3 and a 120 pounds and has a off casting personality and a glare that could paralyze, she seems cold and distant always looking over her shoulder and has not a clue of what in the world this place is that she has come across..


Seems to be blurry.. and not all there, all she remembers at this moment was running from the falling stars.


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