Elder Starcrusher

Leader of the Grim Phoenix Tribe


Elder Starcrusher was a powerful man in his prime. He helped settle the Grim Phoenix tribe under the canopy of stone at the foot of the mountains they now call home. His name came from when a new elder was to be chosen for the tribe. Having a device he learned would bring a satellite of orbit, he used it to show is power. Convinced of his power, the tribe made him their leader. He has made hard decisions to keep his people under the canopy and away from the places dangerous and unexplored to allow the tribe to grow. Making deals with Alpha Aeranas and Alpha Pitch, the tribe lives in harmony with the area. Now his body as turned against him, the twisting has set in and his once powerful body has become weaker. In a constant state of pain, he consults with wisdom and retreats to his home.

Realizing that the survival of the tribe depends now on expanding its influence and exploration, he has looked to two members of the tribe, both special in their own right, to carry the burden of the tribes continued survival on their shoulders.

Elder Starcrusher

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